Lisp-Praktikum SS 2002 - DAML
TUM - Informatik IX

Here you can find some little DAML ontologies und their content for the colleagues of Informatics IX (Image Understanding and Knowledge-based Systems) in Garching.

DAML Files (links are combined with Hyperdaml) :
personen_struktur.daml (structures for the classes Person, Mitarbeiter, Professor)
personen.daml (the persons themselfes for our kb)
zimmer_struktur.daml (properties for a room)
zimmer.daml (rooms in 2th floor, building BT, Garching)

To make rules and requests, we used Allegro Common Lisp with PAIP. For parsing the DAML files we used Wilbur.

An example for how to work with our little KB is given in

To view the room plan for Garching click here.

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